Nicolas Caillon

directeur adjoint de l'IGE
Délégué à la prévention et à la stratégie RH des IT et correspondant polaire
membre de l'équipe ICEcube
Bâtiment GLACIO
54, rue Molière
38400 Saint-Martin d’Hères

adresse postale:
UGA CS 40 700
 38058 Grenoble cedex 9


Ingénieur de Recherche (IRHC) CNRS

Glaciologie / Chimie du manteau neigeux  / Géochimie isotopique

Directeur adjoint de l'IGE

Responsable technique de PANDA/ISOTOPE (Plateau ANalytique Dédié aux Archives glaciaires).


Docteur de l'Université Paris VI
Né le 3 Juin 1973 en France
Marié et heureux papa d'Anouk et Lucien                    




2013 - présent
Ingénieur de Recherche CNRS dans les équipes ICEcube et CHIANTI à l'Institut des Géosciences de l'Environnement

2003 - 2013
Ingénieur de Recherche CNRS dans l'équipe Paléocéan du Laboratoire des Sciences du Climat et de l'Environnement

Post-Doc, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California San Diego, USA.
"Study of the phase relationship between temperature and greenhouse gases using ice core records"
Au laboratoire de glaciologie dirigé par J. Severinghaus
Financé par la "Gary Comer Foundation"

Campagnes de terrain  
2000 - NGRIP - Greenland
2005 - MARCO POLO 1 - MD147
2006 - MARCO POLO 2 - MD155
2007 - Log IPEV - MD158
2007 - PACHIDERME - MD159
2008 - RETRO - MD167
2009 - RETRO 2 - MD173
2010 - PACENPAL - SO204
2011 - INDIENSUD - MD185
2012 - INDIENSUD2 - MD189
2012 - MONOPOL - MD191
2013 - EUROFLEETS - MD194
2016 - Col du Dôme - ICE MEMORY
2017 - DOME C - CAPOXI
2019 - EAIIST traverse


Thèse de Doctorat en Océanographie, Météorologie et Environnement
Sur la 'Composition isotopique de l'air piégé dans les glaces polaires : outils de paléothermométrie'
Sous la responsabilité de Jean Jouzel au LSCE.
Soutenue le 19 Octobre 2001, Université Paris VI    

D.E.A. d'Océanographie, Météorologie et Environnement, Université Paris VI
Maîtrise d'Océanographie: Géochimie et physique de l'atmosphère et de l'Océan, Université Paris VI
Maîtrise de Chimie de l'Environnement, Universite Paris XII

Publications scientifiques

A compact incoherent broadband cavity-enhanced absorption spectrometer for trace detection of nitrogen oxides, iodine oxide and glyoxal at levels below parts per billion for field applications
by Barbero, Albane; Blouzon, Camille; Savarino, Joel; Caillon, Nicolas et al.
ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT TECHNIQUES   Volume: ‏ 13   Issue: ‏ 8   Pages: ‏ 4317-4331   Published: ‏ AUG 17 2020

Stratospheric Ozone Changes From Explosive Tropical Volcanoes: Modeling and Ice Core Constraints
by Ming, Alison; Winton, V. Holly L.; Keeble, James; et al.
JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES   Volume: ‏ 125   Issue: ‏ 11     Article Number: e2019JD032290   Published: ‏ JUN 16 2020

Deposition, recycling, and archival of nitrate stable isotopes between the air-snow interface: comparison between Dronning Maud Land and Dome C, Antarctica
by Winton, V. Holly L.; Ming, Alison; Caillon, Nicolas; et al.
ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS   Volume: ‏ 20   Issue: ‏ 9   Pages: ‏ 5861-5885   Published: ‏ MAY 15 2020

Foliar uptake of atmospheric nitrate by two dominant subalpine plants: insights from in situ triple-isotope analysis
by Bourgeois, Ilann; Clement, Jean-Christophe; Caillon, Nicolas; et al.
NEW PHYTOLOGIST   Volume: ‏ 223   Issue: ‏ 4   Pages: ‏ 1784-1794   Published: ‏ SEP 2019

Intercomparison measurements of two S-33-enriched sulfur isotope standards
by Geng, L.; Savarino, J.; Caillon, N.; et al.
JOURNAL OF ANALYTICAL ATOMIC SPECTROMETRY   Volume: ‏ 34   Issue: ‏ 6   Pages: ‏ 1263-1271   Published: ‏ JUN 1 2019

2600-years of stratospheric volcanism through sulfate isotopes
by Gautier, E.; Savarino, J.; Hoek, J.; et al.
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS   Volume: ‏ 10  Article Number: 466  Published: ‏ JAN 28 2019

Tracing the Fate of Atmospheric Nitrate in a Subalpine Watershed Using Δ17O
by Bourgeois, I.; J. Savarino, N. Caillon, H. Angot, A. Barbero, F. Delbart, D. Voisin and J-C. Clément, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY, 2018

Atmospheric nitrate export in streams along a montane to urban gradient
by Bourgeois, I.; J. Savarino; J. Némery; N. Caillon; S. Albertin; F. Delbart; D. Voisin; J-C. Clément, STOTEN, 633,  329–340, 2018

A simple and reliable method reducing sulfate to sulfide for multiple sulfur isotope analysis
by Geng L.; Savarino J.; Savarino C.; Caillon N.; Cartigny P.; Hattori S.; Ishino S.; Yoshida N., Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom.; vol 32: 333-341; 2018

Seasonal variations of triple oxygen isotopic compositions of atmospheric sulfate, nitrate, and ozone at Dumont d’Urville,
coastal Antarctica
by Ishino, S.,  S. Hattori, J. Savarino, B. Jourdain, S. Preunkert, M. Legrand, N. Caillon, A. Barbero, K.  Kuribayashi and N. Yoshida, Atmos Chemistry & Physics;  Vol: 17, Pages: 3713-3727 , 2017

Automated system measuring triple oxygen and nitrogen isotope ratios in nitrate using the bacterial method and N2O decomposition by microwave discharge
by Hattori, S.; J. Savarino; K. Kamezaki; S. Ishino; J. Dyckmans; T. Fujinawa; N. Caillon; A. Barbero; A. Mukotaka; S. Toyoda; R. Well; N. Yoshida, Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom;  vol 30   Issue: 24   Pages: 2635-2644;  2016

Mg/Ca thermometry in planktic foraminifera: Improving paleotemperature estimations for G. bulloides and N. pachyderma left
by Riveiros, NV.; A. Govin; C. Waelbroeck; A. Mackensen; E.  Michel; S. Moreira; T. Bouinot; N. Caillon; A. Orgun; M. Brandon, Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst.  Vol 17;  Issue: 4   Pages: 1249-1264, 2016

Oxygen isotope mass balance of atmospheric nitrate at Dome C, East Antarctica, during the OPALE campaign
by Savarino, J.; W. Vicars; M. Legrand; S. Preunkert; B. Jourdain; M. Frey; A. Kukui ; N. Caillon; JG. Roca, ATMOSPHERIC CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS   Volume: 16,  Pages: 2659-2673 , 2016

Comparison of 240 ka-long organic carbon and carbonate records along a depth transect in the Timor Sea: Primary signals versus preservation changes
by Liu W., F. Baudin, E. Moreno, F. Dewilde, N. Caillon, N. Fang and F. Bassinot, Paleoceanography, doi: 10.1002/2013PA002539, 2014.

Two-phase change in CO2, Antarctic temperature and global climate during Termination II
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Further constraints on the diagenetic influences and salinity effect on Globigerinoides ruber (white) Mg/Ca thermometry: Implications in the Mediterranean Sea
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The monsoon imprint during the 'atypical' MIS 13 as seen through north and equatorial Indian Ocean records
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Diagenetic Mg-rich calcite in Mediterranean sediments: Quantification and impact on foraminiferal Mg/Ca thermometry
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High-latitude obliquity as a dominant forcing in the Agulhas current system
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Speleothem record of the last 180 ka in villars cave (SW France): Investigation of a large δ18O shift between MIS6 and MIS5
by Wainer K., D. Genty, D. Blamart, M. Daeron, M. Bar-Matthews, H. Vonhof, Y. Dublyansky, E. Pons-Branchu, L. Thomas, P. Van Calsteren, Y. Quinif, N.Caillon,  Quat. Sci. Rev., 30, 130-146, 2011.

Constraining ventilation during deep-water formation using deep-ocean measurements of the dissolved gas ratios 40Ar/36Ar, N2/Ar and Kr/Ar
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Imprints of Salty Water Plumes out of the Red Sea During Termination II
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Primary Productivity Response to Heinrich Events in the North Atlantic Ocean and Norwegian Sea,-
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Low Latitudes hydrological cycle and rapid climate changes during the last deglaciation
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Age of Himalayan bottom ice cores
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Evidence for stratigraphic distortion in the Greenland Ice Core Project (GRIP) ice core during Event 5e1 (120 kyr BP) from gas isotopes
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Impact of refrigeration temperature history on isotopic composition of air bubbles trapped in polar ice samples
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Estimation of temperature change and gas age-ice age difference, 108 Kyr BP, at Vostok, Antarctica
by Caillon, N., J.P. Severinghaus, J.-M. Barnola, J. Chappellaz, J. Jouzel and F. Parrenin, Journal of Geophysical Research, 106(D23), 31,893-31,902, 2001.


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